Stir Fried Pasta

If you have never heard of stir fried pasta, then you have to take a look at this recipe but if you are looking for a sauceless pasta stir fried with vegetables, then you need to stay and take a look at this completely unique recipe. So either way, just stay!


This is my mum’s recipe so for me it is comfort food that reminds me of home AND FINALLY she agreed for me to share it. It’s pretty straight forward

3 cups boiled short Pasta – I use elbows or macaroni
1 Onion – chopped
1/4 + 1/4 green and yellow peppers (capsicums)
5 slices Ham – chopped – turkey, chicken, pork or meatless – anything works
1/2 can Button Mushrooms – quartered
I prefer canned mushrooms for this dish but the choice is yours. 
4-5 Tablespoons Homemade Marinara Sauce (recipe below) + 1/2 teaspoon Italian herbs.
2 teaspoons fresh Coriander – chopped
Parmesan and Cheddar cheese – to taste – I go with 2 Tablespoons of each

Boil and keep pasta aside, pretty much the usual way and al dente

In a wok or stir fry pan, heat 2 Tablespoons oil
Saute onion until slightly translucent and add the peppers
Once soft, add the mushrooms and stir well, adding the ham

When cooked, add the pasta and the marinara sauce. Mix well and switch off the heat.
Add coriander and parmesan cheese, mix well.
Top with cheddar cheese and garnish with a little more chopped coriander.
Add salt if needed.
Serve warm.

For vegetarian option – you can either omit the ham or use a meatless ham. I would go for a meatless ham because it adds texture and flavour to the dish.

Vegan option – as for vegetarian but with the use of vegan cheese.

Marinara Sauce

1/2 Onion – quartered
1/2 Carrot – chopped roughly
1 small tin Tomato Paste
4 Tablespoons Rich Tomato Sauce
2 Tablespoons Chilli or Hot Sauce
Salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor or blender.
In a pot, bring to a boil, cool and store in the refrigerator.
I do not add any herbs to my basic marinara – instead I flavour the sauce depending on the recipe I am using it in.

Note: The dark and thick consistency is from the use of tomato paste. If you use tomato puree or omit it, you will still be able to create the marinara sauce but the consistency will be more liquid and the colour, lighter. 


Do try this and let me know how it turns out. You can also hashtag it #cookingwithraveena on Instagram.

Happy Cooking!



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  1. Thank you for sharing this. 😊


    1. I am so glad you like it 🤗


  2. mistimaan says:

    Looks too tasty 🙂


    1. Try it. I promise you won’t regret it. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mistimaan says:

        Yeah sure 🙂


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