Wholesome Oatmeal

This is Sjoren’s favourite food… well, at least as a breakfast but he carries on into brunch as well and then skips lunch. This oatmeal is pretty heavy as it is made with milk, but I use low fat just to alleviate the guilt.

I don’t make it very often but it is a great treat and a great start to a busy day if you know lunch is an uncertainty.


1 cup Quaker’s Quick Cooking Oatmeal
2 cups low fat Milk
Caster Sugar to taste
1 Tablespoon Condensed Milk (optional)

In a pot, dry cook the oatmeal until fragrant.
Add the milk, allow to simer on a low flame until well mixed.
Add sugar and condensed milk.
Top with cinnamon powder, pecan crunch or granola.
Serve warm with fruit on the side.
You can serve some warm milk on the side as it thickens pretty fast.


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