Caramelised Bratwurst

I do like sausages, yet I do not. I enjoy the taste but I feel that some sausages leave an after taste which I do not appreciate. But we do make sausages quite often as my family enjoys them. We do eat mostly pork sausages especially spicy Bratwurst, but we also make regular simple chicken hot dog sausages as my daughter doesn’t eat pork.
One of my biggest problems with Bratwurst is as I mentioned, the after taste. So i decided to try caramelising my Bratwurst hoping to avoid the after taste.
My first attempt was using brown sugar but it charred too easily, a combination of white and brown soft sugar didn’t meet the flavour mark BUT maple syrup was perfect.

Maple syrup was the perfect choice. It slowly caramelises, adding flavour while forming a thin sweet coating on the sausage. And I find that the spicier the Bratwurst the better the effect. Oh and BTW, I am not talking about those bottled maple flavoured and maple flavoured butter syrups that we use for our pancakes, I am talking about pure maple syrup! That’s the way to go. My son Sjoren loved it and so did my hubby, Paul and I am pleased to see my daughter regretting that she doesn’t eat pork. I do miss my son Stephen when I make these things!

5 Spicy Bratwurst Sausages – cut into 1/2″ diagonal pieces
4 Tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup

In a skillet, cook the chopped sausage pieces. There is no need to add any oil as the Bratwurst will release its own oil. Brown them sufficiently and switch off the flame.
Add in the maple syrup. It may seem runny at this point but not to worry, just keep stirring and mixing. The syrup with thicken and coat each piece as you mix.

Once the syrup thickens, plate and serve with eggs and toast – but that is just a suggestion, you can serve it as a cocktail or starter by putting toothpicks into the individual pieces.





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