Tuna Coleslaw

I know lots of people make tuna cakes with coleslaw and I will share my recipe of that soon, but today I want to tell you about my work-slash-college-slash-on the go Tuna ‘slaw.

It is very simple to make and tastes like you put in a hellava effort into getting it right. But the fact is that there is no way you can go wrong.

There are two ways to get the perfect tuna for this recipe.
1. is to buy canned bird’s eye chilli tuna
2. is to put 1 bruised bird’s eye chilli in some oil and put your basic tuna in olive oil into that and spice it up
Either way you want the spice – please don’t tell me you will just add chopped chillis to the tuna because I can tell you – it doesnt taste the same!!!

1 can bird’s eye chilli tuna
1 cup finely cut cabbage
2 Tablespoons Mayo
4 pieces thinly sliced Brie
4 slices bread

1.  Drain the oil and put the tuna into a mixing bowl
2.  Add in the cabbage
3.  Mix in the mayo
4.  Mix well and check seasoning. Add S&P as needed

For the sandwich
You can use a toaster/tabletop oven or you can use a panini press
Place the cheese on one slice of bread and the tuna on the other – top the tuna with cheese too (that’s how it works for me!!)
Once the cheese melts, press both slices together and the cheese will create a sticky bond.
Cut and serve warm

OR … here is another alternative
You can serve it with bread crackers or Ritz crackers on the side.
I will add the picture here when I do make that!

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