Indonesian Grilled Prawn Fried Rice

Indonesian Grilled Prawn Fried Rice is a Malaysian / Indonesian dish which uses leftover rice and ingredients which can be found in almost any Asian kitchen – chillies, prawn paste and prawns. I love this Indonesian Grilled Prawn Fried Rice and in fact, any fried rice dish because the spice level of these dishes and even the quantity of the ingredients can be easily tweaked to suit the budget and availability of ingredients.

If you have seen my videos and read my posts, you have probably already realised I love fried rice. One it is RICE… two – it is a single pot dish and three – you can make it everyday with different ingredients and probably not realise you have eating fried rice for days!

Fried Rice really works for me – Thai Chicken Fried Rice, Indian Black Chickpea Fried Rice, Indonesian Grilled Prawn Fried Rice, Malaysian Anchovy Fried Rice, Singaporean Crab Fried Rice… my list of fried rice styles is endless. So I am thinking, should I make a series of videos on just Fried Rice!! I will get back to you on that.

So today it is Indonesian Fried Rice and here is the recipe-

8 cleaned and deveined large prawns (please do not use the frozen kind unless you have no other option!)
2 cups Rice – stored overnight / cold
2 eggs
2 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce

Photo 4-11-17, 3 23 50 PM


4 Red Chillies – deseeded
1/2 onion
1 teaspoon Garlic – minced
1 teaspoon Belacan (Powdered Prawn Paste) – optional



Using a pestle and mortar, pound the ingredients for the paste. It doesnt need to be finely pounded, you just need to break the pieces so the flavours are well combined.

In a pan, add some oil and cook the paste, add some water to clean the pestle and add that into the pan as well. Gently fry until the water dries and it releases oil on the sides. Add in the garlic and continue to cook for a minute.

Add in the prawns, cook until the prawns are slightly charred to give it the grilled and smoky flavour and appearance.

Now add in the rice and soy sauce. Mix well.

Create a well in the centre and add in your eggs. Scatter the egg and allow to cook before stirring everything together.

Serve with vegetable crackers, cucumber slices and pounded peanuts.

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