Chinese Carrot Cake

I have not posted for a whole week as I was with parents, organising their new apartment. They had to downsize as it is getting harder for them to manage the bigger apartment. Each time I see them, they are older and no matter how often I try to visit, it is never going to be enough.

Part of my to-do was organising my mum’s recipe books, she is a Certified Pastry & Cake Chef but loves cooking in general. But first, let me congratulate my 74 year old who has learnt to surf the net, send e-mails, create her own broadcast groups on Whatsapp and shop online – all from her iPad and iPhone!!!
She has therefore decided to donate all her recipe books and “all the recipes are available online”, she informs me. She only wants to keep her own recipes which she has perfected over her 57 years of cooking.
Anyway, I found this recipe which I thought would turn out good (as do most of her recipes) and I brought it back to try. I made it today, and I want to share it as well because I know this recipe ain’t getting much better than this.


Singapore is very much the home of Radish Cake, very confusingly called Carrot Cake. Since there isn’t a single carrot anywhere, I have no idea why iy is called carrot cake but it suffices to say IT IS!
There are two types of carrot cakeavailable in almost every food court and hawker’s centre in the city. Personally, I prefer the black variation because the white one is literally a bland omelette holding together a plateful of carrot cake. In fact upon my return from my parents place, we were buying dinner from the food court at Changi Airport, when someone on the next table was having the white version, and the pale colour and the two ever-so-sad looking colourless prawns placed on top made me very sure I was going to try and share this recipe so everyone can have access to proper carrot cake!

TBH, I am taking the easy way out today, I bought the radish cake from the supermarket. It is very easily available so I decided not to make it from scratch. For the recipe of home made radish cake, click here.


1 roll Carrot/Radish Cake – chopped into cubes
1 packet bean sprouts – cleaned
1 cup bok choy – cut
2 Tablespoons chilli paste
2 Tablespoons Garlic – finely chopped
2 teaspoons Dark Soy Sauce
3-4 teaspoons Light Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
2 Tablespoons Peanut / Vegetable Oil.


Heat oil in a wok, add and saute garlic until golden brown. Add in the chilli paste, both soy sauces and cook until well mixed and fragrant.

Add in the bok choy and the cubed radish cake. Mix well, allowing to cook for a few minutes.

Just before switching off the flame, add in the bean sprouts and give it a quick stir.
Serve immediately.

Non Vegetarian Version


After sauteing the garlic, add in fresh, shelled prawns.
Into the step of adding the sauces, add the fish sauce.

Once everything is thoroughly mixed, create a well in the middle of the pan, add in the beaten eggs and a pinch of salt or a dash of soy sauce. Allow to sit for a minute, before stirring.

And as the above recipe, add in the bean sprouts at the very end to retain the crunch and serve immediately. You can garnish with spring onions if you wish.



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