Dry Thai Noodles

This dry thai noodle is a thin rice noodle dish, also known as vermicelli, as opposed to the more famous thick rice noodle known as Phad Thai. In Thai, this thin noodle is known as “sen lek” and the phad thai noodle is called “sen yjai”. In Asia, this dry thai noodle dish is known as Mee Siam.

dividerI have been wanting to eat this dish for some time now, but somehow or other it never ended up on my weekly menu. Anyway, this week, I DID FINALLY INCLUDE IT IN MY MENU and yes, I made it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, here is the recipe


1/2 packet sen lek / meehoon / vermicelli
500g bean sprouts
1 small bunch chives – chopped
2 Tofu – cut into small cubes and shallow fried
1 small bunch chives – cut into 3/4″ pieces or smaller

Blend or process
4 Tablespoons Fermented Soy Beans
5 red chillies
1/2 red onion

This dish does not need salt because the fermented soy beans are very salty

In a large wok, heat groundnut oil, and fry the paste until fragrant.
Separately, soak noodles in warm water for 30 mins.

Add in the strained noodles and mix thoroughly. Once cooked (3-4 mins), add in the tofu, bean sprouts and chives.
Mix well. Sprinkle pounded peanuts and serve.

For a Non Veg Version
You can add prawns into the paste before adding the noodles.


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