Cooking with Raveena

I love cooking but the chopping and the washing up after – not so much! I do love cooking but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I love spending hours in the kitchen! Nope! Not at all!! To the contrary, I like things that do not take too long to prep and cook.

I have simplified my life by practising two very good habits (if I may say so myself). It makes cooking so much more pleasurable and so much easier to manage. I cook about 16 meals a week and here is the secret to my success… and sanity

  1. Menu Planning
    Every Sunday evening or Monday at the latest, I make it a point to sit down and carefully plan my menu for the week. I do try to include my family in this so everyone gets something they would like. To know more, click here.
    menu planning station
    This is my Menu Planning Station which I use to to do my weekly planning. I will post a video on my system soon. To ensure you do not miss out on the video, you can follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog so I can keep you updated.
  2. Food Prep
    There is no way I am willing to dirty my chopping board and knives, graters, peelers and graters every day, or worse twice a day! NO WAY!!!
    I take the easy road – I food prep. Nothing goes into my refrigerator unless it is cut, chopped, marinated and if possible pre-cooked.
    We go to the poultry and meat market every alternate week, grocery shopping monthly and the farmers’ market every Tuesday.

Look out for my meal prep video which I will be posting soon on my YouTube channel and also see how I use the scraps to make a Homemade Stock.